Paid ads on Google’s search network are a great way to quickly get your site in front of potential customers. A good paid media campaign is like a vending machine that takes quarters and dispenses dollar bills. When properly optimized, the sky’s the limit!

We help define the best comprehensive paid search options that would best suit your needs, create ad copy for optimal keyword returns, and build specific landing pages to track conversions. Our campaigns are optimized to follow best practices and include such strategies as GEO Fencing, and IP targeting and are fully responsive on all devices.

Display Ads

We track down your target audience on their favorite sites and show them ads relevant to their interests. By targeting specific keywords to a specific demographic we can generate leads at much lower cost to you than would be typical on Google and other search engines.

Video Ads

Did you know that is the world’s second largest search engine? Bigger than Yahoo and Bing combined, videos from this popular site often show up at the top of Google’s search results. We create video ads and text ads for video to leverage the weight of this enormously popular media.

Mobile Ads

Mobile internet usage is growing by leaps and bounds. Between 2013 and 2014 time spent on the internet increased about fifty times faster for mobile devices vs desktops. And in summer of 2014 mobile devices hit a major milestone: for the first time since the internet was invented, more time was spent on it on phones than desktops and laptops.

Obviously mobile ads are hugely important. Target users when their phones enter a certain area, when they are likely to see your product, or when they visit your site. When done properly, mobile ads feel more like a protip than an intrusive call to action, and help boost your sales.


Site analysis and keyword research

We dive deep into your business goals, and determine the best strategy for increasing your visibility in search engines. Our research process analyzes your site, and determines the direction for the campaign with priorities around keywords that have high search volume, and high relevancy to your business goals, and high potential to drive quality traffic.

On-site Optimization and Content Marketing

To ensure that your site is relevant to both users and search engines, we fix errors identified during the site analysis process, install tracking and analytics tools, and optimize on-page content in accordance with Google best practices.

Analysis and Reporting

We keep you up to date on the status of your campaign with reports on traffic, and visibility in search engines and media channels.


A great way to get your product in front of thousands of eyes is via social media. A single viral video or post can provide exponential returns in visibility, traffic and leads. We maintain your social media channels, generate interest via quality posts, and interact with fans and customers. We also manage your profiles on popular reviews sites to mitigate potential problems before they arise.

Social media often works best hand-in-hand with an SEO campaign. That’s because increased social visibility can often boost rankings, and increased rankings can boost increased popularity on social media. We analyze your web presence and provide guidance on the strategy that has the best bang for your buck.


If you run a SEO campaign, PPC ads, video and mobile ads, and have a strong social media presence, you should stand to get a significant boost in web presence and leads.

But how do you know where you’re falling a little behind? How do you know where to push when it comes time to take the campaign to the next level? Web analytics determines benchmarks for all web products and provides you with data on who visits your site, where they live, what they are looking for, how long they stay, and even what devices and screen resolutions they are using. Based on detailed data, you can fine-tune your comprehensive campaign to boost performance

Conversion Rate Optimization

The flood gates have been opened! But are you getting the results you expected? We convert your increased visibility and traffic into sales, leads, and referrals – that’s getting business done!

We analyze your traffic’s demographics data and provide clear website reviews to create a strategy to convert visitors into money in the bank. From clear calls to action, reduced visitor distractions, user experience is like a smooth talking sales person on your showroom floor making your visitor build trust with your company and creating an ideal environment to close the deal.